The Las Vegas Sphere’s Woes – A Closer Look


Las Vegas had high hopes for the Las Vegas Sphere, the city’s newest concert arena. But recent news reports about the venue have been less than optimistic. The latest report from the Sphere’s parent company revealed a nearly $100 million loss in the latest quarter, just after their CFO resigned. What went wrong for the Las Vegas Sphere? Here are five key points to understand:

MSG Sphere Las Vegas unveiled for Fourth of July

1. The Pandemic’s Impact:

Like many businesses, the Las Vegas Sphere was hit hard by the pandemic. The venue was set to open in 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. Furthermore, Las Vegas struggled to attract tourists as the pandemic lingered on. With concerts and live events put on hold due to social distancing guidelines, the Sphere lost out on a lot of potential revenue.

2. Overspending:

Another factor contributing to the Sphere’s financial woes is over-spending. According to reports, the venue spent $1.66 billion to build, almost twice as much compared to other similar venues. The expensive materials and other components have contributed to driving up the overall costs. The Sphere features a 170,000-square-foot immersive LED display, which is one of its standout features.

MSG Sphere Las Vegas unveiled for Fourth of July

3. The Resignation of CFO:

Last August, the Sphere’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jason Gastwirth resigned. He oversaw the development of the venue and was expected to play a critical role in the Sphere’s success. Gastwirth was considered a key player in the Vegas entertainment industry, having formerly worked for Wynn and Caesars. With his departure, the Sphere has struggled to secure long-term financing and establish a financial foundation.

4. Competing Venues:

Las Vegas is a city of entertainment, and it has numerous venues competing for people’s attention. Many argue that the Las Vegas Sphere doesn’t offer enough unique or distinguishing factors to make it stand out from other venues. The venue’s cost disadvantage also means that it may have to charge higher prices for events, making it less attractive for customers.

MSG Sphere in Las Vegas expected to open in September, executives say | KSNV

5. Future Prospects:

Despite these challenges, Las Vegas Sphere is not down and out yet. The company has already announced several big acts, including Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood, who are set to perform soon. With the city bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels, there are opportunities to regain lost revenues. Management is currently looking to secure long-term financing, with talks in progress, and optimistic that things will pick up soon.


Las Vegas Sphere’s rough start has come as a surprise to many, given the location’s status as America’s entertainment capital. In addition to the pandemic, overspending, and a lack of unique factors have contributed to the venue’s struggles. However, the company is not giving up hope just yet and is looking ahead to a promising future. As the city reopens, more live events will take place, and the Sphere can secure financing. It is too early to declare the Las Vegas Sphere a failure and will take time to establish its identity. Only time will tell whether Las Vegas Sphere can stand the test of time in the fiercely competitive world of Vegas entertainment.