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Fascinating Proofs That Time Travel Might Be Possible


Time travel has been a staple in science fiction for decades, but is it actually possible? Many scientists and researchers have explored the concept of time travel, and some have even discovered fascinating proofs that it might be possible. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten of these proofs and delve into the science behind them.

1. Time Dilation:

Definition of Time Dilation and Faster Than Light Speed

One of the most famous proofs of time travel comes from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. This theory shows that time is relative to the observer’s velocity and gravity. The faster you move, the slower time passes. This is known as time dilation, and it’s been proven. An astronaut who travels to space at high speed and returns to Earth would have experienced time differently than people on Earth. This is a small step towards time travel.

2. Wormholes:

Do wormholes really exist? Scientists hatch a plan to find out.

Another fascinating proof is the theory of wormholes. A wormhole is like a shortcut through space-time. They were first theorized by Einstein, Rosen, and Nathan in 1935. A wormhole is known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge that connects two different points in space-time. Everything’s connected in the universe and wormholes might connect to different parts of space and time.

3. Causality Loops:

Causal loop: Theoretical Proposition of Time Travel - Unrevealed Files

Causality loops occur when something in the future causes something in the past. It’s known as the ‘grandfather paradox’ which is, “What happens if someone goes back in time and kills their grandfather before their parents were born?” This can create a paradox that can undo the whole universe. But physicists propose this paradox is not as it seems. Quantum causality can make these offhand statements true. If different quantum possibilities exist in different parts, they can lead back to the past.

4. Moving Faster than Light:

Will This Go Faster Than Light? - YouTube

It’s a common fact that nothing in the universe can move faster than light. Except at the same time, the universe keeps on expanding faster than light. Therefore, it’s evident that there is a way to move faster than light. If it’s possible to travel faster than light, it means entire worlds can be time-travelled. The implications of this discovery are immense and worth exploring.

5. Time Crystals:

Google Time Crystal Discovery | Quantum Time Crystals

A time crystal contains a state of matter that breaks distinct types of symmetries. They have the characteristic that permits them to keep their ongoing shape. It means they exist in a perpetual motion that would repeat infinitely. This motion exists in a way that repeats periodically, which is an eternal process. If these time crystals will stabilize, it means they could be a method of time travel.


Exploring different theories like proton bubbles and cosmic strings, we might soon be able to say definitively whether time travel is possible. As technology advances, we’ll get to know more about the cosmos and the secrets of the universe. Who knows what further discoveries will reveal in the historical mysteries of time traveling?