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Former NASA Chief Says UFOs Could Be ‘Unfriendly’ Chinese Tech: What We Know So Far


For years, the topic of UFOs has been a mystery that’s been discussed at length by conspiracy theorists and skeptics alike. But recently, the discussion took an unexpected turn when former NASA chief, Jim Bridenstine, suggested that UFO sightings could be attributed to ‘unfriendly’ Chinese technology. This theory wasn’t just a bold statement, as Bridenstine backed up his claim with compelling evidence. In this blog post, we’ll delve into his theory and explore what we currently know about the situation.


China may be to blame for UFOs, says ex-head of Nasa inquiry

Who is Jim Bridenstine?

Jim Bridenstine was the administrator of NASA from 2018 to 2021. During his tenure, Bridenstine played a key role in the advancement of space exploration and technology. His recent statement about UFOs is based on the assumption that these unidentified aerial phenomenon could very well be Chinese drones or a similar technology used to spy on the US.

Why Would China Do This?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding China’s possible involvement in the UFO sightings. Some posit that China is trying to spy on the US while others believe that they are testing out new technology. In any case, the US has already made it clear that they find these sightings to be a threat. The government has even recently set up a task force dedicated to exploring these sightings and gathering more information.


Evidence Backing Up Bridenstine’s Theory

Bridenstine’s claim isn’t just a random statement. The US military has already confirmed that they have recorded several encounters with unidentified aerial phenomenon, with several of these sightings being caught on tape. These sightings often involve unexplainable maneuvers, making it clear that the objects can’t be conventional aircraft. The US has already ruled out the possibility that these sightings are due to extraterrestrial beings, leaving the possibility of a government using advanced technology as the only answer.

Former NASA Chief Says UFOs Could Be 'Unfriendly' Chinese Tech | The Daily  Caller

What Happens Next?

The debate over what these sightings could be is ongoing, but the US is taking it seriously. The Pentagon has already announced that they will be publishing a report in the coming months. This report could potentially provide more information on the situation and shed light on the mysterious sightings.


In conclusion, UFO sightings have always been a topic of debate, but the situation has taken a serious turn with Bridenstine’s recent statement. With compelling evidence to back up his theories, this is a topic that we can no longer ignore. The next few months will likely bring more information on the topic, but for now, the mystery of the unidentified aerial phenomenon continues to captivate people around the world.