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When the bank asked for his “Social”: A Gen Z moment that drove a mom to her wit’s end


As a Gen Z myself, I understand how our unique language and culture can sometimes be hard to navigate for those who are not part of our generation. This fact became crystal clear when a mom took to Twitter to share her experience at the bank with her son. The bank teller asked her son for his “Social” and his response left her in shock. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into this Gen-Z moment and explore how the culture of today’s youth affects the world around us.

1. What happened?

The bank teller asked a 16-year-old boy for his “Social” and he responded with “69,420”. Those who are not familiar with the language of the internet may not understand the joke behind the numbers, but to a Gen Zer, those numbers are a meme meaning “nice” and “weed”. The mom was left completely baffled and embarrassed by her son’s response, showing just how disconnected the different generations can be.Mom Loses It After Her Son Gives the Most Gen-Z Answer When the Bank ...

2. Gen Z’s way of communication

Gen Z is known for our unique way of communicating which includes emojis, memes, and abbreviations. Instead of writing out full words, we tend to use acronyms, slang, and shorthand. This digital language is used in text messages, social media, and everyday conversations. However, some people from older generations may find it difficult to comprehend, leading to misunderstandings and hilarious moments like the one at the bank.

3. The role of social media

Social media has brought a new dimension to the Gen-Z culture. It allows for easy connection and communication between people from all over the world. However, it also promotes the sharing of information, jokes and trends amongst Gen-Z, so anything that reaches popularity will be recognized by many people in the community. Online trends can take over normal conversation and even influence the way people act.

4. The importance of understanding

While Gen-Z’s humor and communication may sometimes seem foreign, it’s important to understand that every generation has its unique culture and way of living. It’s impossible to fully understand someone else’s culture without being a part of it, but acknowledging and respecting it can foster harmonious intergenerational relationships. Misunderstandings, like what happened at the bank, can be turned into valuable learning experiences and opportunities for growth.

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5. It’s just a meme

The boy’s response may have seemed inappropriate to the older generation, but to him, it was just a meme. It was harmless to him and his peers. It’s important to know when to recognize a joke and when something should be taken seriously. Distinguishing between humor and seriousness is a crucial life skill, especially in today’s society where joking and trolling are prevalent.


The bank moment highlights the importance of understanding different generations and their cultural norms. While the Gen-Z culture may be overwhelming for those who are not a part of it, it’s important to recognize and respect it. Humor plays a significant role in Gen-Z communication, but so does an awareness of what’s appropriate in different settings. The mother’s Twitter post shows that it’s possible for intergenerational humor gaps to create embarrassment and confusion, but with an open mind, every generation can learn from one another.