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Trump is likely to finally get a real mug shot. Does it matter?


When former President Donald Trump was impeached for the second time, he was acquitted once again. However, legal troubles continue to haunt him. Recently, news has surfaced that Trump may be investigated by criminal prosecutors in Georgia over alleged election interference. If indicted, this could mean a criminal trial and a potential real mug shot. But does it matter? In this post, we’ll explore the potential consequences of Trump getting a real mug shot.

Trump lawyer hints defense will focus on free speech; ex-president will not have  mugshot taken – as it happened | Donald Trump | The Guardian


1. Image and legacy damage

Donald Trump is known for his love of image and branding. He’s often been called the reality TV president. A mug shot of him in handcuffs would be a massive blow to his carefully curated image, which he continues to cultivate through his personal branding and political events. A mug shot of Trump would also become part of a new and lasting image he will leave behind, which may overshadow his presidency and make him a pariah in many circles.

2. Political fallout

A real mug shot of Trump, if it happens, could have serious political consequences for the Republican party. If he is found guilty for the crimes he is being investigated for, the party and its supporters would have to admit that they supported and voted for a criminal. This could be damaging to the party’s image and potentially give the Democratic Party a boost in upcoming elections.


Trump Says He Will Be Arrested on Tuesday as Indictment Looms - The New  York Times

3. Legal accountability

If Donald Trump is guilty of election interference in Georgia, it’s essential that he’s held legally accountable. This is crucial to any fair and just society. It’s even more vital when it comes to the country’s leader, who is supposed to model and uphold the law. Trump spent four years as president, where many accusations were made against him regarding misuse of power and potential obstruction of justice. If these are true, then there must be legal consequences.

4. Public perception of justice

A real mug shot of Donald Trump would send a powerful message about the rule of law and the accountability of the most powerful members of society. If Trump was to get a real mug shot, it would be proof to the wider population that no one is above the law. There has been a feeling of distrust and disillusionment with the justice system in recent years, with many people feeling that the rich and powerful are often able to avoid prosecution or serve lighter sentences. If Trump is held accountable for his alleged crimes, it could help repair this trust.

5. Personal consequences

Of course, for Donald Trump himself, getting a real mug shot could mean serious legal consequences. Depending on the charges, he could face hefty fines, a prison sentence, or both. But the effects of a mug shot go beyond the legal consequences. It could be a huge blow to the former president personally, with long-lasting effects on his life and legacy.


There’s no denying that if Donald Trump gets a real mug shot, it will be a significant event with far-reaching consequences. However, whether it matters or not depends on a number of factors, including the potential effects on his image, political fallout, legal accountability, and the public’s perception of justice. It’s also essential to remember that legal accountability is critical to a fair and just society. Whether Trump gets a real mug shot or not, this investigation is an important moment for America and the rule of law.