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The Fury of House Republicans Over Hunter Biden Special Counsel


The appointment of a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s suspected tax violations has ruffled some feathers amongst House Republicans. The announcement made by Attorney General William Barr regarding the launch of a new probe that will look into the business and financial deals of Joe Biden’s son has been met with anger and frustration from Republican lawmakers. Only recently, Donald Trump had accused Biden of being involved in corrupt activities related to Ukraine. While Democrats are downplaying the move, Republicans view it as a hugely significant development. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why House Republicans are so outraged about Hunter Biden special counsel.

1. Partisan Politics:

The main reason behind the Republicans’ fury is that they view this move by the Trump administration as politically motivated. They believe that Trump is using his influence over the Justice Department to target his political rivals. Republicans are accusing Joe Biden of being guilty by association. For them, the investigation is a tool to taint Joe Biden’s reputation and weaken his presidency even before it takes off.

Republicans grumble that Hunter Biden special counsel is too little, too  late | Hunter Biden | The Guardian

2. Double Standards:

Many Republicans consider special counsels to be witch hunts and a waste of taxpayers’ money, based on their opposition to Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. They question why a similar investigation should not be launched against some of Trump’s relatives and close associates who are also alleged to be involved in corrupt practices. They feel that Democrats are getting a free pass on their antics.

3. Misuse of Power:

The appointment of a special counsel has raised concerns amongst Republicans about the misuse of power by the Justice Department. They view the move as a blatant attempt to interfere in the election process. Republicans are of the opinion that the decision should have been left to the hands of the incoming administration.

4. Social Media Amplification:

With social media channels like Twitter and Facebook making information widely available, Republican lawmakers are urging the public to pay attention to what they perceive as a false narrative. They are spreading the word on these social media platforms and calling for a fair investigation that is not politically motivated.

White House 'meddles in Hunter Biden's tax case'

5. Support for Trump:

Lastly, some House Republicans view the special counsel appointment as a way for Trump to remain relevant in politics even after he leaves the White House. They consider Trump to be an influencer of sorts and see his continued involvement in politics as essential. They believe that the investigation of Hunter Biden will help keep Trump in the public eye, where he can continue to sway the opinions of many Americans.


The investigation of Hunter Biden could significant implications for both the Biden family and US politics in general. While the appointment of a special counsel may seem like a necessary step in light of the suspected tax violations, it has also sparked a massive outcry from Republicans. The outrage is due to fears of partisanship, the misuse of power, and double standards. President-elect Joe Biden will need to face these concerns head-on if he hopes to maintain the respect of those across party lines. However, Republican outcry is not the only issue, as more Democrats are calling for an end to special counsels in general. What is clear is that this move marks another inflection point in the deeply-reduced American political system, one that deserves our attentive observation in the weeks and months to come.