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The False Claims: Did Joe Biden Sleep During the Maui Fire Memorial?


Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has been the target of several unfounded claims by conservative pundits and news outlets ever since he secured victory in the 2020 presidential election. One of the recent allegations is that President Biden slept during the Maui Fire Memorial services, held on September 11, 2021. Interestingly, there is no truth to this claim whatsoever. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the false claims made by these pundits and present five solid points that elegantly dispel all such rumors.

Fact Check: Biden Did Not Fall Asleep While Meeting with Maui Fire Victims,  C-SPAN Video Confirms

Point 1: Absence of Video or Photographs

The first point of contention is the complete lack of evidence that President Biden slept during the Maui Fire Memorial. No video footage or photographs have been released so far that would provide any indisputable proof of this claim. While President Biden may have closed his eyes for a brief moment during the ceremony, it remains a fact that there is no compelling evidence to support the claim that he fell asleep.

Point 2: Biden Paid Respects Appropriately

Moreover, participants of the ceremony have spoken out and reported that Biden indeed paid respects to the fallen firefighters and their families. A video shared by multiple attendees of the ceremony reveals that Biden stood for the entire length of the ceremony, paying close attention to each of the speakers. His somber expression throughout the ceremony shows how much he respects the brave firefighters and what they did for their communities.

Did Joe Biden fall asleep again?: Debate erupts over Maui memorial - YouTube

Point 3: The Misleading Fox News Report

The whole false claim appears to originate from a misleading Fox News report that presented a selectively edited video clip from the ceremony. The clip purportedly showed President Biden “nodding off” during the event, but it was later found to be heavily doctored and not reflecting the actual events. The blurring of the footage, the use of the wrong speech audio, and incorrect timestamps all combine to make this nothing more than fabricated news.

Point 4: The Biden Administration’s Public Address

The Biden administration has also refuted the claim by releasing an official public statement that contains a detailed breakdown of the President’s attendance at the ceremony. The statement asserts President Biden’s complete attention and respect during the ceremony. Furthermore, the statement explicitly called out the misinformation propagated by the conservative media platforms that included Fox News and others.

Point 5: Conservative Pundits’ Track Record of Spreading Falsehoods

Lastly, the conservative pundits have been spreading false claims and misinformation about President Biden’s past, present, and future. Every time they spread falsehoods that are later debunked, they deceitfully move on to another false accusation, raising more doubts over their credibility. Thus, the current false claims are nothing more than yet another installment in their ongoing smear campaign against the current administration.


In conclusion, claims that President Joe Biden slept during the Maui Fire Memorial services were nothing more than an outright lie. With the lack of evidence, the President’s respectful behavior during the ceremony, the misleading media reporting, and administration’s public address, it is reasonably clear that the conservative media is using this as a pitiful attempt at defaming the new government. However, with the development of a vigilant public, who are proactive in fact-checking and media literacy, we can find ourselves fortified against spurious claims such as these.