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Joe Biden Has a New Problem He Just Can’t ‘Shake’


With the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections, the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, has been encountering a new issue that he just can’t seem to shake: the decreasing support of the American people. In spite of the various challenges and successes that the Biden administration has faced since his inauguration, the public’s trust and confidence in him have been decreasing as of late. In this article, we will delve into the five main reasons as to why Joe Biden finds himself in this predicament.

1. Biden’s Unpopular Policies –

One of the main reasons that Joe Biden has been receiving backlash is due to his policy decisions. For instance, the Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis led many to question his competence as a leader. Moreover, his removal of Trump’s immigration policies and lax stance towards illegal immigration received lots of criticism. The president has been pushing for various environmental reforms and social policies such as free college education and national mask mandates that are highly debated.

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2. Party Division –

Another key factor contributing to Biden’s decreasing support is the growing division among the political parties. Democrats and Republicans are both at odds over crucial issues such as the handling of the pandemic, voting rights, and the economy. With the parties engaged in a never-ending power struggle, it is challenging for the president to implement any significant changes or decisions.

3. Economic Concerns –

Although the stock market has been on the rise, many still experience economic difficulties. The increasing costs of goods and services have hit the working-class the most, raising concerns about inflation. The Biden administration’s efforts to address the looming economic difficulties have been few and far between. This has left many Americans unconvinced that he has the right solutions in mind.

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4. Lack of Public Confidence –

The way that Joe Biden has been handling the recent crises has led to a lack of public confidence in his leadership. From the controversies surrounding the 2020 presidential election to the border crisis, those who did not support him in the first place have less confidence in him as the weeks and months go on.

5. Communication Issues –

Finally, Joe Biden’s poor communication skills and lack of transparency have eluded many observers. His handling of the press and public appearances have been awkward. His statements on certain sensitive matters have been ambiguous and confusing, leading to further distrust and skepticism from the American people.


In conclusion, Joe Biden’s decreasing support among the American people stems from a variety of reasons. From his unpopular policies to his poor communication skills and lack of transparency, the current administration has been facing an uphill battle. Although there are still two years left in his term, the Biden administration needs to act quickly to address the public’s concerns and boost confidence in his leadership. Failure to do so might negatively impact not only his legacy but also the success of the Democratic party in the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections.