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Ecuador Says Six Suspects Arrested for Presidential Candidate Assassination are Colombian with Points


Recently, Ecuador has captured six suspects for the assassination attempt on presidential candidate Andres Arauz. According to the authorities, all of the suspects are Colombian nationals. This incident has caused a significant commotion in both Ecuador and Colombia. In this blog post, we will discuss the details surrounding this event and its potential implications.

1. The Assassination Attempt

On 2 February 2021, during a political rally in Quinindé, Ecuador, two shots were fired at presidential candidate Andres Arauz. The shots missed him, but the incident has shaken the country. After a few days of investigation, the Ecuadorian authorities captured six suspects. According to the Ecuadorian Minister of Government, six Colombian nationals were responsible for the attack. Two of them were directly involved, and the other four were accomplices.

Six Colombians Arrested in Assassination of Ecuador Presidential Candidate  - The New York Times

2. Implications for Ecuador and Colombia

The assassination attempt on the presidential candidate Arauz has wide-ranging implications for both Ecuador and Colombia. In Ecuador, this incident is likely to heighten the ongoing political tension, as it raises questions about the safety of political candidates. This event may also affect the outcome of the presidential election, which is set to take place on 7 February 2021. On the other hand, Colombia has expressed concerns about the increasing incidents of violence in the border regions. The Colombian government has already extended its support to the Ecuadorian authorities, pledging to crack down on narcoterrorism activities and other crimes that destabilize the region.

3. The Connection to Colombian Guerrilla Groups

The Colombian government has long been fighting against leftist guerrilla groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The group has been active in the border regions connecting Colombia and Ecuador, for decades. Although FARC has officially laid down its arms, dissident groups have continued their activities, which often include drug trafficking and other organized crimes. According to the Ecuadorian authorities, the suspects involved in the assassination attempt are linked to the dissident groups of FARC. This connection is likely to add another layer of complexity to the ongoing peace negotiations between the Colombian government and various guerrilla groups.

Ecuador declares state of emergency after assassination of presidential  candidate | World News |

4. Ecuador’s Commitment to Crack Down on Crime

In recent years, Ecuador has been pushing hard to maintain peace and stability within the country. They have cracked down on organized crime, drug trafficking, and corruption with great vigor. This case shows that the Ecuadorian authorities are committed to upholding the rule of law and punishing those who dare to challenge it. The international community has praised the swift action taken by the Ecuadorian authorities, and this incident is a testament to the country’s growing reputation as a serious player on the global stage.


The assassination attempt on the presidential candidate Arauz has sent shockwaves through Ecuador and Colombia. The capture of the six suspects highlights the ever-present danger posed by dissident groups and narco-terrorism activities in the region. The event also underlines the importance of maintaining law and order, especially during times of political uncertainty. Ecuador’s swift and decisive action against the suspects showcases the country’s resolve in the face of organized crime and its commitment to the rule of law. As the political climate in the region remains volatile, it’s essential that both Colombia and Ecuador continue to work together to maintain peace and stability in the border regions and beyond.