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Biden Heads for G20 to Seize on Xi, Putin No-Shows


As the global stage awaits the start of the Biden administration’s first Group of 20 summit, the world leaders are struggling with reconciling traditional geopolitical rivalries and navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of global challenges. President Biden, with his experience in serving as a Vice President and a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is expected to use his leadership skills at the G20 summit to address some of the biggest challenges facing the globe, including climate change, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, migration and human rights. In this blog post, we take you through the major highlights of the upcoming G20 summit, with a focus on the expected actions of President Biden as he looks to connect with world leaders, despite the absence of some major players.


Biden heads for G20 to seize on Xi, Putin no-shows | Mint

Biden’s ambitious agenda to strengthen global alliances:

President Biden seeks to bolster America’s relationships with its traditional allies and build new ones with countries that are in need of support and assistance. At the G20 summit, he is likely to seek a greater commitment from world leaders on issues such as climate change and international trade. President Biden has already announced his commitment to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and analysts predict that he will use the G20 platform to highlight the need for global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the President is expected to engage in discussions with G20 members about current international trade relations, particularly the ongoing tariff dispute with China.


Biden heads for divided G20 in India - eNCA

Challenges posed by the absence of Putin and Xi:

The G20 summit will be an opportune moment for President Biden to engage with some of the most influential leaders on the global stage, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, both leaders have decided not to attend the summit, leaving a major gap in the discussions. This has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the discussions at the summit. Nevertheless, President Biden is expected to leverage his extensive foreign policy experience to work around this challenge, by establishing relations with the leaders represented at the summit.


Initiatives to combat climate change:

The G20 summit will provide an opportunity to discuss the urgent need to take action to tackle climate change. Biden is expected to call for an immediate halt to new coal-fired power plants, the establishment of net-zero emissions targets by all G20 members, and for all members to end fossil fuel subsidies. The initiative signals the Biden administration’s commitment to taking decisive steps to address climate change and signals a willingness to aggressively push other nations to come on board.


Joe Biden Heads To India For G20 Summit

Upholding human rights in Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi Arabia summit comes at a time when there is growing global concern over the country’s record on human rights issues, including the detention of women’s rights activists and journalists. Biden’s presence at the summit offers an opportunity to raise these issues and advocate for accountability and reforms. This will be a crucial test for his commitment to human rights and will be watched eagerly by the global community.


The G20 summit provides an opportunity for President Biden to showcase his leadership skills on the global stage and integrate America back into multilateral decision-making. Although the absence of some key players poses a challenge, President Biden is likely to leverage his wealth of foreign policy experience and engage constructively with the leaders attending the summit. The outcomes of the summit, particularly on climate change, will be closely watched by the global community and signal a critical step forward in the fight against the world’s most pressing challenges. Biden Heads for G20 to Seize on Xi, Putin No-Shows presents a unique opportunity for world leaders to come together and find ways to strengthen global cooperation, tackle urgent issues and create a brighter future for all.