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Beat Procrastination: 5 points to Get You Started


Procrastination is that sneaking thief of time that impacts almost everyone at some point. We all have those days when we’d rather do anything other than the task at hand. While procrastination is a natural part of life, prolonging it can hurt your productivity, increasing your stress level, and can potentially affect your emotional well-being.

Fortunately, there are simple, yet effective ways to address procrastination. Here are five ways to beat procrastination and regain productivity.

1. Start small:

Five Reasons You Should Start Small

Procrastination often happens when we feel overwhelmed by the task in front of us. Overwhelming the mind can lead to a state known as ‘paralysis by analysis.’ If you find yourself in this situation, try breaking down the task into smaller steps. Start by focusing on one small item at a time and build from there. Starting small decreases the tendency of feeling overwhelmed, increasing the chances of completing the task.

2. Set a deadline:

How Product Teams Should Set Deadlines | by Dana Levine | Experience Stack

Deadlines’ give a sense of urgency and help focus on the task at hand. That’s why it’s essential to establish a deadline with a specific date and time, preferably set a little earlier than the actual due date. Be honest with yourself, and once you set the deadline, save the date in your calendar, write it down, or put it on a sticky note as a constant reminder.

3. Identify the root cause:

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It’s important to uncover and acknowledge why you are procrastinating. Maybe the task feels too challenging or tedious, or you don’t like the person you have to work with. Identifying the root cause can help you better solve the problem or provide a way to work around it.

4. Eliminate distractions:

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Distractions can easily derail productivity, so removing anything that interferes with work is paramount. These distractions can include anything from social media, your phone, emails, or even people. If social media is a distraction, try removing the app notifications from your phone or the computer. If people are your distraction, find a quiet place or headphones to listen to music or sounds that provide a conducive workplace environment.

5. Build a habit:

5 steps to create a habit, according to science | CNN

Consistency is key to shaping habits. Building a routine will help you get into the mindset of completing tasks promptly, eliminating the temptation to procrastinate. The habit-building process takes time and effort, so consistency in taking actionable steps is key to deprioritizing procrastination.


In the end, procrastination is a hindrance that can prevent you from being your best. However, it’s an obstacle you can overcome with a little effort and focus. Starting small by breaking down large tasks into smaller steps, setting deadlines, and identifying the root cause of procrastination all help address it. Alongside actively eliminating distractions and working consistently at developing habits, you can out-maneuver procrastination and gain productivity. Remember also that change takes time, but with the persistent effort, procrastination can be effectively dealt with, setting you up for success. So, let’s beat procrastination and tackle those tasks head-on!