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Zach Bryan Announces a Thrilling 10-Month Tour for 2024 with an Impressive Lineup of Openers


Attention, music lovers! Zach Bryan, the rising star in the country and folk music scene, just announced his upcoming 10-month tour filled with stadium shows, and we can’t contain our excitement! Starting in January 2024, Zach Bryan will be hitting the road to perform in over 50 venues across the United States, and what’s even more thrilling is his lineup of openers that includes Jason Isbell, Sheryl Crow, and many other talented artists. In this blog post, we’ll share all the exciting details about Zach Bryan’s upcoming tour and why it’s going to be a must-see event for music fans.



Zach Bryan Announces Massive 2024 Tour, Dates With Jason Isbell

1. Tour Dates and Venues

Zach Bryan’s 10-month tour will kick off on January 11th, 2024, at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, GA, and will wrap up on October 22nd, 2024, at the Staple Center in Los Angeles, CA. The tour will cover over 50 venues across the United States, including some of the biggest stadiums like Madison Square Garden in New York, The Forum in Los Angeles, and the United Center in Chicago. The tour is planned to have a seating capacity of over 20,000, promising an unforgettable experience for fans.

2. Lineup of Openers

Zach Bryan has undoubtedly made some great choices when it comes to selecting his openers for the tour. The impressive list includes some of the biggest names in country and rock music like Jason Isbell, Sheryl Crow, Sturgill Simpson, and Brandi Carlile. Each of these artists brings their unique sound, ensuring a diverse range of music for audiences. With such a stellar lineup of openers, Zach Bryan’s tour promises not just a show but a festival-like experience for fans.


Zach Bryan 2024 Tour Dates With Jason Isbell, Sheryl Crow – Billboard

3. Zach Bryan’s Inspiration and Style

Zach Bryan’s music has been described as a mixture of country, folk, and Americana, which gives his sound a unique appeal. Fans connect with his style of storytelling, which draws inspiration from his everyday life experiences and struggles. His music brings a rawness and honesty that’s missing in the mainstream music industry today, and it’s evident that his fans appreciate him for that. His live performances are known to be a perfect reflection of his music and a real treat for those who appreciate authentic and heartfelt performances.

4. The Artistic Vision of the Tour

Zach Bryan has always been about more than just the music. His artistic vision and storytelling have been highly important in his career, and he’s bringing that to the forefront with this tour. Each show promises an artful expression that brings together the music, lighting, and video elements. The show’s creative team includes director Michael Grady, who has worked on several music videos, and set designer David Korins, who has worked on massive productions like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. These creative experts have come together to create a visually stunning experience for fans.

5. What Fans Can Expect from the Tour

Zach Bryan’s upcoming tour promises to be one of a kind, featuring a lineup of stellar openers, impressive production and visuals, and an artist who pours his heart and soul into every performance. Fans can expect a mix of music that takes them on a journey and creates an emotional connection. The tour is also expected to bring to life several unreleased songs from Zach Bryan, which are sure to excite his fan base. This tour is more than just a musical performance, it’s an unforgettable experience.


In conclusion, Zach Bryan’s upcoming 10-month tour, with its impressive lineup of openers, promises to be a must-see event for music fans. With over 50 venues planned, an artful expression that brings together music, lighting, and visuals, and an artist who is known for his raw and authentic storytelling, this tour is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated music events in recent years. Whether you’re a die-hard Zach Bryan fan or a lover of good music, this tour is a must-see for anyone who wants to be a part of an unforgettable experience. So be sure to mark your calendars, because this tour is one you don’t want to miss!