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Yvonne Orji’s Journey to Becoming a Talk Show Host Has Begun!


Yvonne Orji is best known for her hilarious character, Molly, on the hit show Insecure. However, the Nigerian-American actress has recently revealed her aspirations to become a talk show host. In a recent interview, Orji said she has always dreamt of being a talk show host and has even tried to manifest it by practicing her monologues in the shower. Well, it seems her manifestation is working as she is taking her first steps towards achieving this goal. Here are the five points on how Yvonne Orji’s dream to become a talk show host is coming true… kind of.

1. Her own talk show:

Orji has already started her journey towards becoming a talk show host by creating her very own podcast. The comedian’s podcast, “Jesus and Jollof,” co-hosted with author and speaker Luvvie Ajayi, premiered in June of 2018. The podcast features conversations about faith, laughter, and African culture.

Yvonne Orji's dream to play a talk show host is coming true… kind of - CW  Atlanta

2. Partnership with Oprah:

Orji’s partnership with media mogul Oprah Winfrey is a significant step towards making her dream a reality. She revealed that she and Winfrey have joined forces to bring to life a television show that will focus on mental health in the black community. The show titled “The Yvonne Orji Show” will be streamed on AppleTV+.

3. Hosting Emmys pre-show:

In September of 2018, Orji hosted the Emmy Awards pre-show alongside fellow comedian, Terrence J. This experience gave her exposure to the world of hosting. Although this was not a talk show, it gave her the opportunity to showcase her talents in comedic commentary and interviewing.

4. Her unique personality:

Orji’s infectious personality makes her the perfect candidate to host her own talk show. The actress has a great sense of humor, a unique perspective, and is unafraid to speak her truth. All these traits are essential for anyone aspiring to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Yvonne Orji Manifested Her Job as a Daytime Talk Show Host - YouTube

5. Public Speaking Experience:

Despite her lack of formal training in public speaking, Orji has had diverse experiences in it. From her TED Talk on exploring themes of identity, immigration, and faith, to speaking at a women’s conference alongside Michelle Obama, Yvonne Orji speaks with confidence and passion.


Yvonne Orji has a lot going for her as she pursues her dream to become a talk show host. From her successful podcast to her partnership with Oprah, Orji is proving that she has what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry. With her unique personality, public speaking experience, and natural talent for hosting, we believe it won’t be long before we see Orji hosting her very own talk show. Watch this space!