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Taylor Swift Parties with Cara Delevingne: Rekindling a Friendship?


When Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne were first seen together back in 2014, fans everywhere were excited to see two of their favorite celebrities together. The two ladies quickly became the ultimate #FriendshipGoals, as they were spotted hanging out and supporting each other at various events. However, over the last few years, the two have been seen less frequently together, causing many to believe that they had a falling out. But now, it seems that Tay and Cara might be rekindling their friendship after being spotted partying together until the early hours of the morning. So, what are the details of their reunion? Let’s take a closer look.

1. The Party:

On April 17th, 2021, Taylor Swift was seen leaving her apartment building in New York City, looking glamorous as usual. She was dressed in a sparkly pink sequined crop top and a matching skirt, paired with hot pink heels. Later in the night, she was seen exiting from a club named The Flower Shop in the East Village, alongside actress and model, Cara Delevingne. Reports suggest that the two spent more than four hours inside the venue, drinking and dancing together. The two stars were reported to have left the club with a group of friends around 2:30 a.m, but there was no sign of Taylor’s rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Swift parties into the early hours of the morning with Cara  Delevingne

2. The Rekindling of Their Friendship:

When Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne became friends in 2014, they were inseparable. They supported each other in various events, and fans were excited to see two powerful female celebrities together. However, they have not been seen together as frequently in recent years. Some speculated that the two had a falling out, but now it seems like they might be patching things up. Their recent night out together has sparked speculations of the revival of their friendship.

3. The Two Have a Lot in Common:

Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift are both successful women in their respective industries. They both have had success in both modeling and acting. Additionally, they share a love for music and fashion. Given the similarities they share, it is no surprise that the two were drawn to each other in the first place.

Cara Delevingne

4. Taylor’s Influence on Friendship:

Swift has often showcased the importance of friendship in her work. She has written various songs touching on the importance of having a support system. Additionally, she has been open about her past experiences with friendships that have gone sour. Fans are happy to see that she is rekindling a lost friendship.

5. The Speculations:

The wild rumors of a falling out might come to an end once we get to know more about their recent hangout. While we don’t know what actually happened at that club during their night out, speculations only fuel fans’ excitement. Some even suspect that they might be working on a new project together. Only time will tell.


Friends come and go, but it’s always great to see old friends get back together. Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne have had a long-standing friendship, so it’s exciting to see them partying together again. Plus, it’s a great reminder of the importance of supporting each other, especially during uncertain times. Regardless of what might be happening between the two, it’s great to see that they are still on good terms and enjoying each other’s company. Who knows what their interaction might bring to the table, but we can anticipate more inseparable moments between the two.