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Taylor Momsen opens up about leaving ‘Gossip Girl’: ‘I changed my whole life overnight’


Taylor Momsen had a breakout role as Jenny Humphrey on the popular CW show Gossip Girl. However, she decided to leave the show after four seasons to focus on her music career. In a recent interview, Momsen opened up about her decision to leave the show and the impact it had on her life.

1. The Pressure of Fame

Momsen revealed that she felt immense pressure when she became famous at a young age. She was only 14 when she started on Gossip Girl, and the sudden attention overwhelmed her. She said that leaving the show was a way to give herself a break from the spotlight and focus on her true passion: music.

2. Stepping Outside of Her Comfort Zone

After leaving Gossip Girl, Momsen took on some daring roles, such as portraying a prostitute in the movie “The Pretty Reckless,” and embracing a darker image. She explained that leaving the show gave her the freedom to try new things and explore different aspects of her personality.

Taylor Momsen opens up about leaving 'Gossip Girl': 'I changed my whole  life overnight'

3. The Support of Her Bandmates

Momsen is the lead singer of the band The Pretty Reckless. During her transition from actress to musician, she credits her bandmates for their unwavering support. They were with her every step of the way, and even encouraged her to be more daring and daring on stage.

4. Embracing Her Femininity

As a teenager on Gossip Girl, Momsen often portrayed a tomboy. However, after leaving the show, she embraced her femininity and began incorporating it into her music. She explained that leaving the show allowed her to experiment with her image and confidently step into her own skin.

Taylor Momsen Recalls 'Complicated' Exit From 'Gossip Girl'

5. Finding Her Authentic Self

Overall, Momsen shared that leaving Gossip Girl was a profound experience that allowed her to find her authentic self. She realized that she didn’t need to conform to any expectations and could live life on her own terms. By pursuing her music career, she discovered her true passion and identity.


Taylor Momsen’s decision to leave Gossip Girl was a life-changing experience that allowed her to grow and find her authentic self. Behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, there can be a lot of pressure and expectation that can become overwhelming. However, Momsen stood true to herself and found a path that allowed her to embrace her individuality. Her story is a reminder that it’s important to follow one’s passions, take risks, and never be afraid to step outside of one’s comfort zone.