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Staying Young at 45: A Billionaire’s Obsession and Its Impact on Dating


Many people strive to stay young, but few do so with the level of fervor exhibited by 45-year-old billionaire entrepreneur, John. He spends exorbitant amounts of money on various procedures and gadgets in his quest to remain youthful and energetic. While such measures may bring him some benefits, they also have significant implications for his dating life. In this blog post, we’ll explore how John’s obsession with staying young affects his romantic pursuits, including the challenges he faces and the lessons we can learn.

1. John’s Motivation for Staying Young

I'm 45, a billionaire, obsessed with staying young — and hard to date

John’s obsession with staying young stems from a deep-rooted fear of aging and the loss of vitality and attractiveness that often accompanies it. He’s worked hard to achieve his status as a billionaire, and he doesn’t want to lose the power and influence that come with it. He sees staying young as a way of maintaining his edge and avoiding the decline that comes with age. However, this focus on youth and physical appearance can overshadow more important qualities in his relationships, leading to insecurity and disappointment.

2. The Impact of John’s Lifestyle on Dating

I'm 45, a billionaire, obsessed with staying young — and hard to date

John’s lifestyle is all-consuming, leaving little time or energy for romance. His days are filled with high-stress business meetings, grueling workouts, and endless appointments with doctors and specialists. He spends tens of thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements, including hormone therapy, cryotherapy, and vitamin infusions. While these practices may make him feel better, they don’t necessarily make him a better partner. His preoccupation with his looks and health can make him appear narcissistic and self-absorbed, leading to a lack of connection with potential partners.

3. The Challenges of Dating John

What's the use of $800m, Bryan Johnson, if you dine on baby food? | Emma Brockes | The Guardian

John’s wealth and status undoubtedly attract plenty of potential partners, but his obsession with staying young creates significant obstacles to forming meaningful connections. For example, he may have unrealistic expectations of what a partner should look like or prioritize physical attractiveness over personality traits or shared values. Additionally, his fast-paced lifestyle may leave little room for emotional intimacy or vulnerability, making it difficult for others to get to know him on a deeper level.

4. Lessons We Can Learn from John’s Story

Tech guru and anti-aging fanatic Bryan Johnson says he used to drink alcohol for breakfast

While John’s situation may be extreme, it highlights important lessons that apply to anyone interested in staying young and dating. First, it’s essential to prioritize inner qualities over external appearance. While looking good may be important, it’s only one aspect of what makes a relationship fulfilling. Second, it’s essential to find balance in one’s life, including making time for relationships and emotional connections. Finally, it’s crucial to be realistic about what one can control when it comes to aging. While some practices may delay the onset of aging, no one can stay young forever, and accepting this fact can lead to greater peace and wisdom.


John’s obsession with staying young may seem excessive to some, but it sheds light on the challenges many people face when trying to balance personal goals with fulfilling relationships. While he’s undoubtedly achieved a great deal in his life, his relentless focus on youth and appearance can be a hindrance to forming deep connections with others. Ultimately, the key to staying young and happy is finding a healthy balance between personal goals and relationships with others. By doing so, we can achieve the best of both worlds, a fulfilling life and satisfying relationships.