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Rebel Moon gets a first trailer, aims to be Zack Snyder’s Star Wars


The trailer for Rebel Moon, the latest sci-fi epic from popular visionary director Zack Snyder, has arrived and it promises to be an absolute thrill ride that will take fans on an unforgettable journey through space. With its otherworldly landscapes, epic battles, and engaging characters, the film seeks to be Snyder’s version of Star Wars. The trailer gave us some hints of what to expect, but let’s delve even deeper. Here are five important things you need to know about Rebel Moon.


Rebel Moon gets a first trailer, aims to be Zack Snyder's Star Wars -  Meristation

1. Epic battles and otherworldly landscapes:

The trailer of Rebel Moon promises some epic space battles that would keep you on the edge of your seat. With the stunning visuals of otherworldly landscapes, the movie is sure to captivate your attention. Snyder has always been known for his visual flair, and Rebel Moon appears to be no exception. His attention to detail, coupled with stunning CGI effects, brings every scene to life, making the overall experience an immersive one.

2. Hints of a Motley crew:

From the trailer, we can see that the protagonists will be a motley crew of human and alien warriors. The movie’s diversity is reflective of the current generation, and we are glad that Snyder made a conscious effort to reflect that. It will be interesting to see how the individual characters with unique perspectives work together to achieve their goal.


Rebel Moon Trailer Brings Zack Snyder's Netflix Movie Into Focus – The  Hollywood Reporter

3. Classic Space Opera:

Space operas are a timeless classic, and Snyder seems to know that. He has imbued his story with all the classic elements of the genre, from the epic set pieces to the thrilling space battles. Rebel Moon promises to be a rollicking ride, taking the audience on an adventure filled with surprise twists, firefights, and spectacular vistas.

4. Intense Action Sequences:

Snyder’s films are famous for their intense action set pieces, and Rebel Moon’s trailer is no different. We can see snippets of intense close combat, blaster fights, and high-speed chases. It’s no secret that Snyder has a mastery of choreography and he always manages to mix it up with a little flair and creativity. Rebel Moon’s action sequences are sure to be some of the highlights of the film.

5. Zack Snyder’s Vision:

It is Snyder’s vision of Star Wars, and that is clear from the trailer. The atmosphere and sense of danger he brings to his films are emulated here too. The trailer hinted that Rebel Moon would be no exception when it comes to Snyder’s style. The grittiness of the action sequences serves to contrast the sprawling, breathtaking scenery that amplifies the movie’s high stakes. Rebel Moon promises to be an innovative and exhilarating experience that will leave viewers with a sense of awe.


Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is shaping up to be something special within the realm of space operas. With the trailer out to the public, fans of the director and sci-fi films have a lot to look forward to. The movie is a melting pot of diverse characters, epic set-pieces, stunning visuals, and thrilling action sequences. With Rebel Moon, Snyder is all set to take fans on an unforgettable journey into space, promising a brand new world that we haven’t seen on the big screen in quite some time.