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Miley Cyrus Looks Back on Her Scrutinized Early Years on ‘Used to Be Young


Miley Cyrus, at the age of 28, has come a long way in her career. The singing sensation who rose to fame with Disney channel show Hannah Montana had a tumultuous start in the music industry. While her provocative performances and unconventional fashion sense grabbed headlines, Miley was heavily criticized and shamed for years. Recently, Miley opened up about her early years and how it affected her personally and professionally on her new album, “Plastic Hearts” with the track “Used to Be Young.” Here are five crucial points from the track that tell the story of how Miley dealt with the scrutiny.

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1. Self-image struggles

Miley Cyrus explains in the track how her need for validation and struggles with self-image took a toll on her. “Used to Be Young” highlights how the singer felt “trapped” in her identity as a Disney star and how that affected her perception of her looks. She sings, “See pictures of myself from when I was younger, Would tell myself that I was gonna be a heartbreaker, Too young to realize the way I looked was so scrutinized.”

2. The stardom pressure

From the early years of her career, Miley was expected to maintain a particular image and set an example for kids. She was seen as a role model and had to monitor every action. Miley explains how she felt the pressure to maintain the squeaky clean image while at the same time experimenting with different sounds and styles. She sings, “Every rule they told me not to break, I broke ’em all,” highlighting how she refused to abide by those expectations and was instead trying to carve her unique path.


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3. The impact of heartbreak

Miley Cyrus’s fans are well aware of her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, which unfortunately ended in 2019. The track also speaks about her heartbreak and how it impacted her persona. As she sings, “Now I’m broken-hearted, Sleeping on your couch again.” The track is an insight into how the heartbreak affected her and how she managed to turn it around to her advantage.

4. The need for reinvention

Miley Cyrus has always been an advocate of change and reinvention. After breaking out of her Hannah Montana persona, she experimented with different sounds and styles, which often landed her in trouble. However, “Used to Be Young” celebrates this aspect of her, and she sings about how her past has shaped her and how she has managed to create a unique identity. She sings, “I used to be young, But now I’m different. You know the truth is, It’s so relentless.”

5. The growth and acceptance

The track concludes with Miley Cyrus looking back at her younger self and acknowledging her growth and evolution. She sings, “And everybody knows that who you are, Is who you used to be when you were young.” The song is a call to accept one’s growth and move forward from their past. She acknowledges that her early years were difficult, but they also shaped her into the woman she is today.


Miley Cyrus’s new track “Used to Be Young” is an ode to her early years and how she tackled the scrutiny around her. The track speaks volumes about her struggles with her image, heartbreak, and the need for reinvention to find her identity. The lyrics offer a glimpse into the evolution of Miley Cyrus, from the ‘Hannah Montana’ star to the mature artist she is now. As her fans continue to celebrate her journey, this song is a reminder that growth is essential to move forward and to accept the past as it shapes us into who we are.