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Lil Nas X Takes on TIFF with Debut Tour Documentary


Last week, the highly anticipated tour documentary of Lil Nas X was announced to have its debut at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this fall. The documentary titled “Opening Up With Lil Nas X” aims to take fans behind the scenes of Lil Nas X’s record-breaking 2019 ‘Old Town Road’ World Tour. The film, directed by Emmy Award-winner Marcus A. Clarke and produced by Amazon Studios, is set to feature some exciting footage and interviews that no Lil Nas X fan would want to miss. Here are five reasons why you should be excited to catch the world premiere of Lil Nas X’s debut tour documentary at TIFF.

1. The Documentary Explores His Rise to Fame

The story of Lil Nas X’s meteoric rise to fame is an inspiration to many young musicians, and the documentary promises to dive into it. “Opening Up With Lil Nas X” will walk you through his journey from a college dropout sleeping on his sister’s floor, to taking the world by storm with his hit single ‘Old Town Road’. You will see how he turned his passion for music into a phenomenon that crossed over to multiple genres, and how he dominated Billboard charts for 19 consecutive weeks, dethroning the likes of Mariah Carey and Luis Fonsi.Lil Nas X Concert Tour Movie to World Premiere at TIFF 2023 – The Hollywood  Reporter

2. Behind-the-Scenes Action from the World Tour

The documentary will feature footage of Lil Nas X’s rehearsals and performances from his sold-out world tour. This is a great opportunity to see him in his element, as he takes on the stage with his unique style and gives his fans an unforgettable experience. The film promises to showcase Lil Nas X’s dedication and hard work in making his live shows memorable.

3. Interviews with Collaborators and Celebrities

The documentary is set to feature interviews with some of Lil Nas X’s biggest collaborators and celebrity friends, adding depth and perspective to his story. You can expect to hear from Billy Ray Cyrus, who contributed to the success of his hit single ‘Old Town Road’ and Diplo, who co-produced his EP ‘7’. Other celebrities including Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion, and Troye Sivan will also share their thoughts on Lil Nas X’s success and influence.

4. Lil Nas X’s Personal Life and Story

“Opening Up With Lil Nas X” promises to get up close and personal with Lil Nas X, sharing some details about his personal life and his story. The rapper has been very open about his struggles with his sexuality and mental health, and the film will give fans a glimpse into how he deals with it all. Fans of Lil Nas X will also get to know more about his motivations, his inspirations, and his creative process.

Lil Nas X documentary set to premiere at Toronto Film Festival

5. A Look Ahead to Lil Nas X’s Future

While the documentary touches on Lil Nas X’s past, it also sets the stage for his future. The film shows how he plans to keep making his mark on the music industry. You can expect to see exclusive footage of his studio sessions, teasing what’s to come from the “Panini” rapper.


“Opening Up With Lil Nas X” is a film that promises to tell a great story and give fans a peek behind the curtain. The documentary promises an exclusive look into the life, rise, and future of Lil Nas X. Whether you are a diehard fan or just a casual listener of his music, there is something for everyone in this must-watch documentary. Don’t miss the chance to catch the world premiere at TIFF this fall!