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Gigi Hadid Praises “Hotty Mommy” Blake Lively’s Buzz-Worthy Campaign


Blake Lively has been dominating the fashion industry for well over a decade with her timeless style and undeniable presence. With each new project, it’s clear to see that she’s destined for greatness, and Gigi Hadid couldn’t agree more. Recently, Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to praise Blake Lively’s latest fashion campaign, calling her a “hotty mommy” and admiring her unique sense of style. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes Blake Lively’s recent campaign so buzz-worthy, and why Gigi Hadid, a top model herself, is raving about it.

1. Unique Styling –

The first thing that stands out in Blake’s latest campaign is the unique styling. The campaign features Lively dressed in a bright green suit, in a traditional pairing with black slacks, a fuchsia dress coat, and knee-high white boots that scream fashion-forward.

Gigi Hadid Praises "Hotty Mommy" Blake Lively's Buzz-Worthy Campaign - E!  Online

2. Beaded Statement Earrings –

The second thing that draws the eye is the oversize, beaded statement earrings. The earrings are bold, yet intricately crafted, and they manage to pair perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

3. Bold Lip Color –

The third thing that makes Lively’s recent campaign so buzz-worthy is the bold lip color. She’s rocking a classic red lip, which has become a staple of her signature look. The color not only makes a statement but also accentuates her pearly white teeth, creating a striking contrast to her ensemble.

4. Perfect Hair –

Fourth, Lively’s hair in the campaign is styled into voluminous curls that frame her face elegantly. The hair is not too fussy, yet it’s still put together, adding to the overall sleek look of the campaign. Her hair is the perfect way to frame that beautiful face.

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5. Relatable Poses –

Finally, the poses that Lively adopts in this campaign are so relatable, which is why the campaign feels so fresh and genuine. Instead of the typical fashion poses, she’s lounging on the hotel bed, casually leaning over the table, and putting a book on the shelf; in doing so, she’s putting her own Stamp on this campaign.


Blake Lively’s recent campaign created quite a buzz, and it’s no wonder why. With the unique styling, oversize statement earrings, bold lip color, perfect hair, and relatable poses, it’s not hard to see why Gigi Hadid, and many others, were drawn to it. Blake Lively has always been one of the fashion industry’s biggest icons, but her latest campaign solidifies her influence in the industry. We can’t wait to see what bold fashion decisions she has in store for us next!