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Bad Bunny’s Nude Selfie Has the Internet in a Frenzy


When it comes to making headlines, Bad Bunny seems to have mastered the art with his music and social media presence. Recently, the Puerto Rican artist caused quite a stir with a nude selfie that he posted on Instagram. While the picture may have broken the internet momentarily, it also stirred up some controversy and misinformation. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing all the details about the viral photo and what it actually means.

Sexy' Bad Bunny drives fans wild with naked shower photo

1. The Selfie’s Origin –

While the selfie is new to fans, it turns out that Bad Bunny had posted a similar picture without any fanfare earlier in 2020. The recent photo was shared as part of his “Yo Perreo Sola” music video on YouTube. After the video was released, he showed a clip of him taking the photo while wearing something called a “penis cover”. None of this was shown in the music video and it only went viral when someone took a screenshot and shared it on Twitter.

2. The Picture Itself –

In the photo, Bad Bunny is shown with a pixelated censor bar across his private area. His body is completely nude and he is holding the camera himself. The photo has received mixed reviews with some fans praising his body positivity and others saying it was inappropriate or unnecessary. Regardless, it has certainly raised the artist’s profile even further.


Bad Bunny Naked Selfie Instagram

3. The Controversy –

Initially, the photo was simply seen as a fun bit of oversharing by the artist. However, some early reports suggested that the image had been stolen from his phone, which led to concerns about a potential backlash. It turns out that these reports were entirely false and that Bad Bunny had shared the photo himself. Unfortunately, the rumors may have caused some damage to both the artist and the public perception of him.

4. The Response –

While some celebrities may have shied away from criticism or public scrutiny, Bad Bunny has remained refreshingly honest and transparent. After the photo began to spread across social media, he shared a tweet that simply read “lol”. This was followed by him sharing a photo of him in a pink shirt, dancing with a woman who was wearing a Bad Bunny t-shirt. He managed to turn the whole situation around quite well, even using it an opportunity to share a message of body positivity and self-love.

5. The Legacy –

It’s difficult to say what kind of impact the photo will ultimately have on Bad Bunny’s career, but it’s clear that he is an artist who is not afraid to get people talking. From his music to his social media presence, he is a pop culture phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As more and more people become aware of his talents, it’s likely that we’ll see even more daring and controversial moments from him in the future.


The Bad Bunny nude selfie may have caused a stir online, but it’s clear that the artist is unafraid to push boundaries and generate attention. While the controversy and rumors may have caused some damage to his persona, he has managed to come out the other side with an attitude of positivity and love. As more people discover his work and become fans, there’s no telling what kind of innovative and daring projects we can expect from this Puerto Rican sensation in the years to come.