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BTS’ V Turns on the Waterworks With ‘Rainy Days’: Watch with points


BTS fandom is unstoppable! The new music video released by BTS “Butter” got everyone glued to their screens, but just when we thought we had seen everything, a new emotive music video got released, featuring the beloved BTS member V, or Kim Taehyung. The song is titled “Rainy Days”, and it has left fans in awe. In this blog post, we will dive into the finer details of V’s new music video, “Rainy Days” and understand why it has become so special for the ARMY.

1. The Meaning of Rainy Days

First and foremost, let’s discuss the lyrics of “Rainy Days.” The song’s lyrics are about being hopeful during hard times, with V singing, “On rainy days, don’t forget to be a little happier. Don’t forget that you are the flower.” These lyrics have resonated with many of BTS’s fans who have had tough times in the past year.

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2. V’s Acting Skill

The music video features V acting, singing, and dancing all in one frame. V’s acting skill in the music video, in particular, has caught fans’ attention. The emotion displayed on V’s face is so raw and real that it’s hard not to feel the same way as him. V has truly shown his versatility as an artist, as he can not only sing but act too.

3. The Use of Visual Metaphors

The use of visual metaphors in the music video has further added a whole new level to the emotions of “Rainy Days.” For instance, the opening shot of the music video features a person sitting in front of a rainy window, which symbolizes being stuck in a difficult situation. Other shots like a wilted plant regaining life also convey a message of hope. These visual metaphors have helped fans connect with the song on a deeper level.


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4. The Music Video’s Aesthetic

The music video has a visual aesthetic that perfectly complements the emotion of the song. The muted blue-gray palette of “Rainy Days” perfectly illustrates a sense of melancholy, and the black and white color scheme used in some of the scenes helps convey the somber tone of the video. The overall visual experience enhances the emotional depth of the song.

5. Fans’ Reaction

Lastly, the fans’ reaction to V’s “Rainy Days” is proof of its success. BTS Army on social media has been sharing their thoughts and emotions after watching the music video. They’ve shared how V’s voice and acting skills touched their hearts and made them feel the warmth in times of struggle.


To sum it up, “Rainy Days” is a masterpiece in terms of the song’s lyrics, visuals, and emotional depth. It’s no wonder why V has become a fan favorite and a standout artist in BTS. The song has resonated with BTS ARMY around the world, inspiring hope in people’s hearts and bringing comfort during difficult times. If you haven’t seen the music video yet, then head over to YouTube and watch it now. Trust us; you won’t regret it!