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Brody Jenner Takes A Unique Approach To Parenting


Brody Jenner, former reality star, and his wife Kaitlynn Carter Jenner recently welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Fara. In a recent interview, Brody Jenner revealed his plans to parent the ‘exact opposite’ way of his famous father Caitlyn Jenner, and he has some valid reasons behind this decision. In this blog post, we will delve into Brody Jenner’s unique approach to parenting and discuss five points about his parenting style.

1. Gender-Neutral Parenting:

One of the primary reasons why Brody Jenner has decided to parent differently from his father is because he wants to raise his daughter in a gender-neutral environment. He believes it essential to let his daughter find her true self without any influence or pressure based on societal expectations. Brody Jenner is going to raise Fara with a sense of freedom and encourages her to embrace her individuality and uniqueness.

Brody Jenner Plans on Parenting the 'Exact Opposite' Way Caitlyn Jenner Did

2. Family Time:

Brody believes spending time with family is one of the essential aspects of healthy growth and development. He plans to ensure that Fara grows up with fulfilling companionship with loved ones. He stresses that it is not necessary to have a lot of resources or wealth to bond with the family. Therefore he plans to dedicate plenty of time to be with his family.

3. Freedom of Choice:

In an interview, Brody Jenner revealed that he won’t be forcing his daughter to follow a particular set of beliefs or principles. He desires to introduce her to different perspectives on life and let her form her own individual opinions. Brody believes that imparting this sense of freedom to Fara will help her stand for herself in the future and live an authentic life.

4. Balancing Tradition with Modernity:

Brody Jenner believes in balancing tradition with modernity. He wants his daughter to appreciate the significance of tradition while also being able to adapt to modern society’s rapid changes. For instance, Brody Jenner wants Fara to understand and be proud of her ancestry and traditions while also celebrating and participating in contemporary events and celebrations suited for her age group.Brody Jenner plans on parenting the ‘exact opposite’ way of Caitlyn Jenner after birth of baby girl

5. Encouraging Creativity:

Creativity is an essential aspect of childhood. Brody Jenner wants his daughter to explore her creativity. He wants Fara to let her imagination run wild without the barriers of judgment. Brody believes that drawing and crafting are not only ways of entertainment, but they also aid in cognitive development. Therefore he wants Fara to enjoy learning about art, music, and theater and take an interest in community activities other than traditional education.


Brody Jenner’s unique parenting style may raise some eyebrows; however, he has his reasons behind it. He wants his daughter to have the freedom to choose what she wants to do in her life, and he believes that a Gender-neutral parenting approach is the best way to achieve this. Additionally, he plans to raise Fara with his family, provide her with ample learning opportunities, and allow her to embrace her creativity. In a society where traditional gender roles have prevailed for years, Brody Jenner stands out as a parent who wants his child to be true to herself and succeed regardless of the opinions of others.