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Bethany Joy Lenz’ One Tree Hill co-stars tried to ‘save’ her from cult with points


The entertainment industry often provides a glamorous image to the world, yet it’s not always the case behind the scenes. Bethany Joy Lenz, the popular actress from ‘One Tree Hill,’ faced a difficult period in her life when she joined a cult known as ‘Infinite Waters.’ Her co-stars from the show took active measures to save her from this dark place. This blog post sheds light on their intervention to save Joy.

1. What is ‘Infinite Waters’?

The cult ‘Infinite Waters’ is a group that promotes self-love, positive affirmations, and pseudoscience. It became quite popular at the beginning of the 2010s, and many people joined to achieve mental and physical wellness. The founder, Ralph Smart, claims to be a psychologist, a vegan, and a philosopher, but there are no records of him having any professional credentials. The cult asks its members to follow strict diets, practice yoga and meditation, and dump their old lifestyle for the group’s new order.

Bethany Joy Lenz's 'One Tree Hill' Costars Tried to 'Save' Her from Cult

2. How did Bethany Joy Lenz get involved in it?

Joy’s personal life took a rough turn in 2018 when her marriage ended in a divorce. She was vulnerable and looking for something to help her cope with the loss and the mental health issues she was dealing with. She found Infinite Waters on YouTube, and Ralph Smart’s calming voice and compassionate tone drew her in. She joined the group’s online sessions, and after a while, became an active member.



3. What were the signs that her co-stars noticed?

As time went by, Joy’s co-stars from One Tree Hill noticed some changes in her behavior. Her videos on social media became more spiritual, and she talked about things that didn’t make sense to the people who knew her. Sophia Bush, her close friend and co-star, approached her and asked her if everything was okay. Joy didn’t seem to understand what the problem was and brushed it off.

Bethany Joy Lenz's 'One Tree Hill' Costars Tried to 'Save' Her from Cult

4. The intervention of the co-stars

Sophia Bush didn’t give up on her friend and collaborated with Hilarie Burton, another co-star from One Tree Hill. They researched together about cults and how they manipulate people. They also contacted some experts and got counsel on how to handle the situation. After several attempts, they managed to sit Joy down and talk to her about their concerns. They pointed out things that seemed off and illogical and persuaded her to distance herself from the group.

5. How did it all end?

Joy realized that her friends were right and made the decision to leave the cult. She spoke openly about her experience and how she got sucked into it. She also said that she felt grateful to her co-stars for saving her from a dark path.


Bethany Joy Lenz’s story is an excellent example of how cults can prey on people’s vulnerabilities and how important it is to have a support system that can guide them out of a dark place. Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and other co-stars’ intervention saved Joy from a situation that could have ended badly. It’s always important to be aware of the signs of someone’s behavior changing and take action before it’s too late.