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A Look at The Rock’s Return to WWE SmackDown with John Cena and Pat McAfee’s Help


The Rock’s return to the WWE SmackDown came as a shock to many fans who thought he had retired from wrestling. However, he made a surprise appearance in segments alongside John Cena and Pat McAfee, bringing the energy cranked up to level 10. The electrifying environment, dynamic personalities, and the chants of “This is Awesome” filled the airwaves.


The Rock makes emphatic return, reunites with John Cena on WWE SmackDown | Marca

1. The Rock and John Cena’s Rematch:

The Rock, John Cena, and Pat McAfee began the show by discussing their experience at the AT&T Stadium, which hosted WrestleMania 32. They then reminisced about the epic rematch that took place between The Rock and John Cena. The crowd cheered as The Rock and John Cena traded jokes with each other, and Cena even went ahead to call himself the “fourth” host.

2. The Rock’s Verbal Confrontation with Roman Reigns:

The next segment saw The Rock interact with his cousin, Roman Reigns, in a heated verbal confrontation. They styled off and tossed verbal jabs as the crowd chanted, “Rocky! Rocky!” and “Bloodline! Bloodline!”. The meeting was a buildup to a future match, and fans couldn’t help but wonder what the outcome would be.


3. The Rock Rocks Nasal Strip and Sings a Song:

As John Cena and Pat McAfee discussed the upcoming football season, The Rock appeared in a new segment wearing a nasal strip and carrying a guitar. He did rock a nasal strip like a champ, mocking John Cena’s nose and performing an improvised song about smelling what The Rock was cooking. Although the moment was lighthearted, it showed that The Rock still had a lot of humor and his usual charisma.


The Rock Returns On 9/15 WWE SmackDown

4. John Cena and The Rock vs. The Usos:

In yet another segment, The Rock teamed up with John Cena to face The Usos in a promo. The match was fiery, and the two WWE legends let their fans know that they still had it, and there were no retired former wrestlers when it came to putting on a great performance. They dominated the matchup with their presence and personalities, ending the night on a high note.

5. Pat McAfee’s Role in bringing The Rock Back:

Throughout the show, Pat McAfee brought humor and energy to each segment. However, he also played an essential role in bringing The Rock back to the WWE SmackDown scene. In the build-up, Pat McAfee had been using his podcast as a platform to try and convince The Rock to make a return to the wrestling ring. The Rock later confirmed this, thanking McAfee and his fans for their persistent requests to “Bring back The Rock.”


In conclusion, The Rock’s return was everything that fans had hoped for and more. He returned to the WWE SmackDown alongside his cousin Roman Reigns, and his former WrestleMania rival, John Cena, bringing the energy and excitement that kept the crowd on their feet throughout the entire show. Even though it seemed like he had retired from wrestling, The Rock made it clear that he will always have a place in the hearts of WWE SmackDown fans. His return also teaches us a valuable lesson about never saying never in any career or life situation. Fans can’t wait to see what The Rock will do next in the wrestling ring, and they know that the energy he brings will keep them hooked and entertained.