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X Announces Plans to Allow Political Ads Again and Hire for Safety and Election Teams Ahead of 2024 Elections


In a recent announcement, X has declared that they will once again allow political ads on their platform ahead of the 2024 elections. In addition, the company plans to hire more staff for both their safety and election teams to ensure that the upcoming elections are free and fair. This decision comes as X continues to face criticism for the role it played during the 2016 and 2020 elections, where the platform was allegedly used to spread misinformation and interfere with voting. In this blog post, we will explore the details of X’s plans and what they mean for the upcoming elections.

1. Political Ad Policies on X:

X’s decision to allow political ads once again comes with several new policies in place. One such policy is that political advertisers will have to disclose who is funding their campaigns. Additionally, X will be keeping a publicly accessible database of political ads on the platform to increase transparency. These databases will be available for viewers to access so that they can see who’s supporting which positions.

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2. Hiring for Safety Team:

To improve the safety of the platform, X will be hiring more staff for their safety and security teams. These new hires will focus on improving the platform’s ability to detect and remove harmful content. Additionally, the team will be tasked with monitoring the platform for any indications of election interference and will work to remove content and accounts that violate X’s policies. This decision comes as X has faced criticism for their lack of action against hate speech and misinformation in the past.

3. Hiring for the Election Team:

Along with the safety team, X will also be hiring more staff for their election team. The team will focus on ensuring that the upcoming elections are free and fair. These employees will work with law enforcement officials, political campaigns, and other organizations to identify and combat any attempts at election interference. Additionally, they will be responsible for creating educational campaigns that promote voter registration and participation.

4. Commitment to Transparency:

X has made a commitment to increase transparency around political ads and election interference. In addition to their policies on political ads, the company plans to release reports on their efforts to combat election interference. Furthermore, they will also be making public the details of their interactions with law enforcement officials and other agencies in cases of election interference.

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5. Collaboration with Third Parties:

X plans to collaborate with third-party fact-checkers to combat the spread of misinformation on their platform. The company has already partnered with several organizations to fact-check content, though there have been some questions raised about the effectiveness of these partnerships.


X’s decision to allow political ads and hire more staff for their safety and election teams is a positive development for the upcoming 2024 elections. With more staff dedicated to detecting and removing harmful content, as well as ensuring that the elections are free and fair, X can reduce the amount of interference on their platform. The company’s commitment to increasing transparency and collaborating with third-party fact-checkers is also a promising sign that they are taking the issue seriously. However, it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be enough to prevent interference during the upcoming elections. Overall, while there’s still room to improve, X’s latest announcement is a step in the right direction towards improving election integrity.