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Why Threads is Losing Gen Zers: Insights from the Youth


Threads, a messaging app designed by Facebook, was made specifically for close friends. It aimed to provide a more intimate and private space for users in comparison to other social media platforms. Threads was expected to be a hit among Gen Zers who crave authenticity and transparency. However, the app failed to gain the traction it needed to stay relevant. Reports show that Threads is losing some of its once-loyal users, causing many to question what went wrong. As a result, we reached out to several Gen Zers to share their insights on what they think Threads is missing.

Lack of Unique Features:

When asked what Threads lacked compared to other social media platforms, many Gen Zers said it needed more “unique features.” Most social media apps nowadays offer a vast array of ways to communicate with friends, such as creating a story or sharing photos and videos. While Threads allows users to share their statuses, it fails to give them enough creative freedom to personalize their stories. Gen Zers crave experiences that are not only authentic and intimate but also customizable.

Threads allows users to see liked posts in latest update as interest  dwindles

Privacy Concerns:

Despite being designed as a private messaging app, Threads faced a massive backlash over privacy concerns upon its launch. Users complained that the app was too invasive and crashed their smartphones. Many felt that Facebook was trying to monopolize the social media space at the expense of user data. This attitude reflected a growing mistrust of Facebook among Gen Zers. Thus, Threads might have failed to live up to the expectations set for trust and transparency.

Lack of Integration with Instagram:

As a subsidiary of Facebook, Threads had huge potential to leverage Instagram’s massive user base. With over a billion users, being integrated with Instagram could have been a game-changer for Threads. However, the app failed to capitalize on this opportunity and did not offer many ways for users to integrate with the social media giant. Many Gen Zers use Instagram as their primary social media platform and want apps that create a seamless experience between Instagram and messaging features.

Limited Reach:

Another reason why Threads failed to take off is due to its limited reach. Reports show that the app is currently only available in certain countries, meaning that many Gen Zers worldwide cannot access Threads. This limited reach puts Threads at a disadvantage compared to other social media platforms that are already widely available globally. If Threads were to broaden its reach and become more accessible, it could have a chance to recapture its lost audience.Threads: The app challenging Twitter's microblogging realm


Lastly, Threads is facing stiff competition from other messaging apps, such as Snapchat and Tiktok. Both platforms offer unique features that appeal to Gen Zers, and they continue to innovate and provide engaging experiences for their users. Snapchat offers filters that can adjust your face, while Tiktok allows users to create short, attention-grabbing videos. With such an intense competition, Threads needs to offer unique features that would make it stand out.


Threads is losing its once-loyal users, and many Gen Zers believe that it needs to improve in several areas. Enhancing customizations, innovating new features, and integrating with popular social media platforms like Instagram are some of the key steps needed. Furthermore, Facebook needs to address privacy concerns and expand the app’s reach if it wants Threads to survive in the long run. Otherwise, Threads will remain a minor player in the social media space, unable to capture the attention of the younger generations.