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Threads update adds 3 useful features, but doesn’t go far enough


Messaging apps have become an essential mode of communication for most of us. It’s no wonder that messaging platforms keep updating to make the user experience even better. One such messaging platform, Instagram, has stepped up its game by updating its messaging feature called Threads. Instagram’s Threads update has recently added three useful features that are already gaining popularity with its users. However, Threads has yet to address certain shortcomings that have been highlighted by its users. In this blog post, we will discuss what Instagram’s Threads update brings to the table and the potential issues that need attention.

1. Status Update Feature:

Instagram’s Threads update has made staying connected with your close friends even easier. The new status update feature allows you to share your current mood or activity with friends through your threads. This is a great way to enhance engagement and keep in touch with loved ones. However, this feature is limited to four status updates. Instagram should expand the number of status updates to include more options to choose from.

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2. Quick Replies:

Quick replies are one of the most significant additions to Instagram’s Threads update. It enables users to create their own set of automatic responses to frequently asked questions or responses for common queries. This feature saves considerable time and effort, which is why it has become the most talked-about feature amongst users. However, the feature’s downside is the limited customization options available for quick replies. Instagram could enhance the feature by providing more flexibilities to personalize the responses.

3. Redesigned Camera:

One thing that Instagram is famously known for is the Camera. Instagram’s Threads update has revamped the camera function, making it easier to use within threads. With just a tap, you can access the camera from your message threads. This feature is highly appreciated by Instagram Users. However, to make it even better, Instagram could add more filters or editing tools to enhance the overall photographic experience within the messaging app.

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4. Integration With Direct Messages:

Direct messages are an essential part of Instagram’s messaging feature. With Instagram’s Threads update, you no longer have to worry about missing out on essential messages. Threads now has an integration with direct messages, making it easier for the user to switch between the messaging function within the app. While this is an appreciated feature, Instagram could improve the integration by consolidating both messaging functions into one interface.

5. Contact List:

Instagram’s Threads update has introduced a contact list that only shows a user the people they have contacted through threads. This feature is useful to keep track of your messaging circle, but it’s also limited. Instagram could add more functions such as group messaging or message forwarding to quickly share information with a wider audience.


Overall, Instagram’s Threads update brings a lot of exciting features that enhance the user experience. The new status update and quick replies are popular among users. The revamped camera function and integration with direct messages are also appreciated. However, Instagram could take things further by addressing the potential issues mentioned in this blog post. Instagram’s Threads update could drastically improve the messaging app’s usage by incorporating these improvements. Hopefully, Instagram will continue to innovate and enhance its messaging functionality to provide a seamless user experience.