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The iPhone 15 is Set to Compete with Android on a New Level


Since the arrival of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has been at the forefront of smartphone innovation. But even with all its advancements, one feature has always eluded it: the ability to select default apps. This has been a key concern for iPhone users for years and has given Android users a major advantage. However, it seems that the upcoming iPhone 15 may finally get this much-needed feature. Here are five points to consider.

1. What is a default app?

A default app is the app that opens when you select a particular type of file, like a document or a photo; or when you click on a link, like a website URL. For example, on Android phones, you can choose which web browser opens when you click on a link. But on iPhones, you’re stuck with Safari, Apple’s default browser. This inability to select default apps has been a major complaint of iPhone users for years.

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2. How will it change with the iPhone 15?

According to recent reports, Apple may finally be ceding to the demands of its users and giving them the ability to choose their own default apps. iPhone users will be able to select their preferred app for emailing, web browsing, navigation, music, and more. This update is expected to arrive with the release of the iPhone 15 series.

3. What are the benefits?

Having the flexibility to choose your default app can have many benefits. For example, if you prefer Gmail or Outlook over Apple’s email app, you can set that app as your default. Or, if you prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps, you can choose it as your default navigation app. This change will give iPhone users greater control over their devices and improve their user experience.

4. What’s the downside?

While this feature is a significant improvement for iPhones, there are some cons to keep in mind. One is that having too many apps can make the selection process more complex. Additionally, some apps may take up more battery life than others, which can lead to decreased phone performance. However, Apple is known for creating ways to optimize battery usage and keep their devices running smoothly, so these downsides may be minimal.

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5. When will we know more?

The iPhone 15 is set to release sometime in the fall of 2022. Until then, we will likely hear more from sources and insiders about the expected updates. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June could provide some insight into the new features coming this year.


For years, iPhone users have wanted the ability to choose their default apps. With the iPhone 15, it seems like this feature will finally become a reality. While there are pros and cons to the new update, it’s sure to give users more control over their devices and improve their overall user experience. Android users have long enjoyed the ability to choose default apps, but with this new update, the iPhone 15 series could finally compete with Android on a new level. It is exciting to see Apple respond to their users’ needs and continue to innovate in the smartphone space.