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Say Good-Bye to Self-Serve Fountain Drinks at McDonald’s and Say Hello to Crew Pour Soft Drinks with These 5 Advantages


Remember the days when we could grab a cup and fill it with our choice of soda pop at a self-serve fountain drink station? Gone are those days at McDonald’s. Sophisticated technology is now making its move, and crew pour soft drinks are slowly taking the place of self-service fountain drinks as the fast-food giant strives to maintain a cleaner and safer environment for its customers and its employees. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why McDonald’s is saying goodbye to self-serve fountain drink stations and what advantages crew pour soft drinks offer to customers.

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1. Keeps a cleaner and safer environment:

Crew pour soft drinks help keep the restaurant’s general environment cleaner. Crew members will sanitize and clean surfaces more frequently when they are the ones pouring the sodas, which helps reduce the risk of the spread of germs and viruses. The surface-level nozzles from self-serve fountains can often harbor bacteria, so by removing those nozzles, McDonald’s is making an effort to keep everyone a little healthier.

2. Accurate portions:

Another significant advantage of crew pour soft drinks is that it helps to ensure the standard and accurate portions in every cup. Crew members are trained to give precisely the right amount of ice, syrup, and carbonation in a single size of the drink cup. Customers can trust that they are indeed getting a perfect cup of soda with every order.

3. Reduced waste:

Crew pour soft drinks help to reduce the waste of cups and syrup that can happen with a self-serve fountain station. Without the danger of over-filling and mess-making, there will be no more unnecessary waste or unused cups going into the garbage.

4. More customization:

Customers can now have the choice to ask for exactly how much ice they want and what syrup flavor they prefer for crew pour soft drinks. The crewmember can then tailor the drink to the customer’s specific taste, and this means that customers are getting precisely what they asked for.

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5. Better customer service:

With the introduction of crew pour soft drinks, the McDonald’s crew will be up and active around the restaurant more often. This means there will be more interaction, and customers can have the added benefit of a friendly greeting and having their orders taken directly by a team member.


Goodbye self-serve fountain drink stations, and hello to crew pour soft drinks. The transition to crew pour is paving the way for safer and cleaner changes in the McDonald’s environment while also bringing new exciting benefits to the table, like more customization and better customer service. In these times of enhanced safety and health protocols, every restaurant needs to make various adjustments, and McDonald’s is making an effort to ensure their customers get the best experience possible.