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Netflix Says You Can Keep Their DVDs


Are you tired of constantly having to return your Netflix DVDs? Well, the good news is that Netflix actually allows you to keep their DVDs. That’s right, you can hold onto that movie or TV show for as long as you want. Of course, there are certain guidelines you need to follow, but I’m here to break it down for you. In this blog post, I’ll share five key points about Netflix’s DVD policy that you need to know.

A pile of red-and-white cases of DVDs from Netflix.


1. No Due Dates

The first and perhaps most significant point to note is that there are no due dates when it comes to Netflix’s DVD rentals. Unlike traditional rental stores, there is no need to worry about rushing to return your movie or TV show by a certain date. You can keep it for months if you want without being charged any late fees.

2. Limited to Physical DVDs

Netflix’s policy only applies to physical, DVD rentals. Streaming content through Netflix is subject to a different policy and does not allow you to keep the shows indefinitely.


Netflix Mailing Free Discs To Customers As It Marks End Of DVD Era –  Deadline

3. Keep the DVDs in Good Condition

While there are no due dates, keep in mind that you are still responsible for returning the DVDs in good condition. Netflix recommends storing the discs in their original packaging and avoiding exposure to high temperatures and direct sunlight, which can damage the discs.

4. Keep Your Account Active

The fourth point to note is that you need to keep your Netflix account active in order to continue holding onto DVD rentals. If your account becomes inactive, Netflix will assume that you have lost or stolen the disc and will charge you for it.

5. Limited to US Customers

Lastly, Netflix’s “keep the DVD” policy is only available to customers in the United States. International customers are still subject to traditional rental policies.


In conclusion, Netflix’s “keep the DVD” policy is a great perk for customers who enjoy renting physical discs. Without any due dates, you can take your time with your viewings. Just be sure to keep the DVDs in good condition, keep your account active, and remember that this policy does not apply to streaming content. So, if you find yourself with a movie or TV show that you just can’t bring yourself to part with, go ahead and hold onto it, you have Netflix’s blessing!