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Microsoft is removing WordPad from Windows after nearly 30 years


For nearly 30 years, WordPad has been a part of Windows operating systems, providing a simple word processing application for those who don’t need or can’t afford the full-featured Microsoft Word. However, in a recent update from Microsoft, WordPad will no longer be included in future versions of Windows. This change might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a reminder that technology is continually evolving. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind Microsoft’s decision and what this means for users who rely on WordPad.

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Why is Microsoft removing WordPad?

WordPad has been around since 1985 and has always been a simple and free application that comes with Windows. However, with the evolution of technology, many people now use more advanced word processing tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. According to a statement from Microsoft, WordPad has been removed to “reduce complexity, streamline the user interface, and mitigate against cyberthreats.” By removing an application that only a minority of people use, Microsoft can focus on developing more critical software and providing a more streamlined user experience for its customers.

What are the Alternatives to WordPad?

For those who relied on WordPad for their writing needs, there are several other options available. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Word is a full-featured word processing application that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. While it’s not free, Word offers more advanced features and tools, making it an excellent option for anyone who needs to create professional documents. Other alternatives include Google Docs, which is a free online word processor that is accessible from anywhere in the world, or LibreOffice Writer, another free and open-source word processing application.

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Is there a downside to removing WordPad?

While most people will not miss WordPad, some users may find it frustrating that a simple and free application will no longer be available on their Windows computers. Additionally, some users may not have the resources or expertise to use more advanced word processors, leaving them without a basic tool for creating documents. However, as technology continues to evolve, it’s essential to adapt to new changes and invest in applications that can help us be more productive.

What can we expect in the future?

While WordPad might be disappearing from Windows, it’s unlikely that it will be the last change we see in the tech world. As technology advances and becomes more integrated into our daily lives, companies like Microsoft will continue to innovate and evolve their products. From AI-powered software to virtual and augmented reality, the future of technology holds many exciting possibilities. As Microsoft focuses on improving its other products, consumers can look forward to enhanced features and a more streamlined user experience.


The removal of WordPad from Windows might seem like a small change, but it’s an essential reminder that technology is continually evolving. With the rise of more advanced word processing tools and the need to streamline user interfaces, Microsoft made the smart decision to remove a less-used application. While some users might miss WordPad, there are plenty of alternatives available, and Microsoft continues to invest in developing new and innovative products. As technology continues to advance, we can adapt to these changes and look forward to the many possibilities that the future holds.