Jezebel’s Parent Company Shuts Down Feminist News Website after 16 Years


Jezebel, a popular feminist news website, was recently shut down after being in operation for 16 years. This news has caused an uproar within the feminist community. Jezebel was known for its in-depth analysis of societal issues that affected women. It was a platform where women could express their views and engage in meaningful discussions on issues that impacted their lives. This blog post will highlight the five key points that led to the downfall of Jezebel and the impact it has had on the feminist community.

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1. Decline in Traffic and Revenue:

The primary reason for the shutdown of Jezebel was the decline in traffic and revenue. The website was not generating enough revenue to sustain its operations. The company that owned Jezebel, G/O Media, had been struggling financially for a while and decided to shut down the website in an effort to cut costs. This decision was met with criticism from fans of the website.

2. Ongoing Conflicts with Management:

The shutdown of Jezebel was not unexpected as there had been ongoing conflicts between the editorial staff and management. The editorial staff had raised concerns about the direction the company was taking and the impact it would have on the website’s feminist values. They had also complained about the lack of funding and support the website was getting from the company.

Jezebel, Feminist News Site, Shuts Down After 16 Years

3. Loss of Independence:

Jezebel was known for its independent and fearless reporting on issues that affected women. However, with the acquisition of the parent company, Gizmodo Media Group, by private equity firm Great Hill Partners, the website’s independence was lost. This led to concerns about the editorial direction of the website, with many fans feeling that the feminist values that Jezebel was known for were being compromised.

4. Culture of Fear and Retaliation:

The shutdown of Jezebel also highlighted the toxic culture within the company. Many employees had raised concerns about the culture of fear and retaliation within the company. They felt that they were not being heard and that their concerns were being ignored. This led to a high turnover rate among staff members.

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5. Impact on Feminist Community:

The shutdown of Jezebel has had a significant impact on the feminist community. The website was a platform where women could express their views and engage in meaningful discussions on issues that impacted their lives. Its loss has left a void in the feminist media landscape. Many are concerned that the feminist perspective on news and societal issues will be lost without a platform like Jezebel.


The shutdown of Jezebel has been a significant loss for the feminist community. It highlights the challenges that independent media outlets face in today’s digital landscape. The impact of the website cannot be overstated, and its absence will be felt. However, this loss also serves as a reminder of the need to support independent media outlets that reflect our values and beliefs. As consumers, we have the power to shape the media landscape we want to see. We must support media outlets that amplify unheard voices and serve as a platform for open and honest discussions. Jezebel may be gone, but its legacy lives on.