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How Zapier CEO Rode Remote Work to a $5B Valuation by Swearing by Off-Site Gatherings

Blog Introduction:

Zapier, a tech company that creates automations between various web apps, boasts a $5 billion valuation – all while being a fully remote company. This business model proved to be successful given the pandemic and the rapid shift towards work from home arrangements. However, despite the many benefits of remote work, the CEO of Zapier swears by off-site gatherings as a key component in bringing the team together. In this blog post, we take a look at how the Zapier CEO rode remote work to a $5B valuation while still highlighting the importance of in-person team building.

Blog Body:

Remote work has become the norm in the last year – and it seems that for Zapier, it’s here to stay. Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, believes that remote work is the future and has been promoting this culture in his company from the very beginning. By allowing his team to work from wherever they want and whenever they want, Foster believes this leads to better productivity and creativity. Despite this, Foster also knows the importance of in-person interaction and understands the value in bringing the team together.


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Off-Site Gatherings:

Off-site gatherings are a key component to Foster’s approach. Zapier has an office in San Francisco but many of their team members work all over the world. This means that they can’t just pop into the office for a coffee or chat with their colleagues. Foster believes that in-person meetups and team building events are essential for strengthening relationships and promoting a positive company culture. Zapier hosts several off-site gatherings per year, from annual team retreats to regional meetups.

Alongside your Colleagues:

These off-site gatherings not only help the team to connect on a personal level but also lead to better collaboration within the company. No matter how much Zoom and Slack calls you make, there’s nothing quite like having real conversations and working alongside your colleagues. Zapier’s team retreats are a great way to brainstorm new ideas and to see how different team members work together in a more relaxed setting. This allows Zapier to create better workflows, improve their products, and continue to innovate.

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Employee Retention:

Foster believes that office meetups and off-site gatherings can go a long way in promoting productivity, employee retention, and overall job satisfaction. He acknowledges that working from home can be isolating and that interactions through Slack, Zoom, and email can be too sterile. In-person meetups allow for more natural conversations and the opportunity for team members to build stronger relationships. Foster also notes that team members are more likely to feel valued when they are brought together in person and given a chance to interact with management and other departments.


Remote work is the future, and as more companies transition to this model, Zapier CEO Wade Foster serves as a great example of how to navigate this shift successfully. Foster has created a culture of remote work while still placing a high value on in-person interactions and team building events. The importance of office meetups and off-site gatherings cannot be underestimated, as it has proven to lead to better collaboration, productivity, and employee retention. With this approach, companies can create positive work cultures, better engage their employees, and achieve greater overall success.