How Instagram’s New Feature Leaves Users Disappointed in Finding Who Blocked Them


Instagram, a photo-sharing social media platform, has recently released a new feature allowing users to see who has blocked them. This prompted many users to discover who has removed them from their audience list and take action accordingly. However, this exciting new feature has left many frustrated and disappointed as it doesn’t effectively provide the promised information. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the reasons why Instagram’s new feature falls short of users’ expectations.

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1. The Feature Only Shows Limited Information

Instagram’s new feature only shows a list of usernames that have blocked you, without any further details or explanations. This is frustrating for those who are curious about why they were blocked or if they may have accidentally followed the wrong account. The feature lacks the necessary information to help users resolve any issues that may have triggered the blocking.

2. The Feature Can’t Tell If Someone Restricted Their Account

Instagram has two settings for limiting someone’s access to individual content: “mute” and “restrict.” Mute simply stops that person’s content from showing up on their feed, while restricted account users must approve all of the potential restricted user’s comments. Unfortunately, the new feature can only identify those who have altogether blocked your account – not those you’ve restricted or muted. This ultimately means that you cannot get to know the full extent of other people’s limitations on how they see your content.

Instagram users hoping to find out who blocked them with new feature face disappointment

3. The Feature Can be Interpreted Negatively

The new Instagram feature can set many users back on a negative trail, as some will take it as a sign that they were unfollowed or blocked for reasons that they do not know. This could lead to users feeling paranoid or hurt, particularly if they have no idea if they have wronged someone, or if they have not had any troubling conversations with anyone.

4. The Feature is Not Immediate

Instagram’s new feature does not give users a timeline of when the blocking occurred. This implies that users may have no way of knowing when they were blocked. Users can’t rely solely on this feature for up-to-the-minute blocking updates since there are so many steps involved in blocking someone that may not have resulted in an immediate notification.

5. The Feature Doesn’t Let You Restore A Blocked Relationship

The feature’s significant flaw is that it doesn’t give the user the ability to rectify or reach out to someone who has blocked them. Unlike Facebook, which offers a feedback mechanism, Instagram doesn’t have a way to dispute mistaken blocks or report uncooperative behavior. Users themselves must evaluate their own behavior and see if there is anything they can do to clear up any tension.

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In conclusion, Instagram’s new “who blocked me” feature leaves many users feeling disappointed and confused. It provides little explanation or specific information about why users have been blocked, making it difficult for users to rectify any issues that may have caused the block. Furthermore, the feature is not immediate, and it can’t report restricted or muted accounts. Instagram’s feature is a great way to figure out who can’t see your content, but it doesn’t offer much help if users want to restore the relationship or get clarification on why they were blocked, which is a considerable deterrent for users to continue using and engaging with the platform.