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Elon Musk’s Army of Inactive Followers Paints a Bleak Picture of X as a Whole


In this era of social media, having an enormous audience on social networking platforms is considered a sign of influence and impact. One of the most popular tech moguls, Elon Musk, has millions of followers across various social media platforms. However, reports have claimed that over half of the followers of Musk’s Twitter account are inactive. This raises concerns about the accuracy of measuring a person’s reach and influence on social media. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the implications of Elon Musk’s army of inactive followers and its implications for X.

1. How is Musk’s army of inactive followers affecting the credibility of his Twitter account?

While a vast number of Musk’s followers appear to be inactive, it is essential to consider the effects of this phenomenon. Firstly, it significantly distorts the real value of his Twitter account, prompting questions about its actual reach and credibility. While Musk’s tweets may get thousands of retweets and likes, the number of people who actively engage with his posts may be much less. This brings down the value of Musk’s tweets and could hinder his influence in social media.

Elon Musk's X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts  - Tech

2. What does this imply for other social media influencers and celebrities?

Moreover, this phenomenon may be not limited to Musk alone, as there could be countless other high-profile social media influencers who have similar armies of inactive followers. This has led to questions arises about the authenticity of social media, where followers are purchased or amassed but don’t necessarily indicate any authentic measure of influence or public relations.

3. Why is the number of active followers important?

It’s worth noting that having active followers is vital to the credibility of any public figure or brand on social media. Active followers engage in conversation, discuss the subject matter, and potentially share the content with their networks. In contrast, non-active or fake followers are silent and provide little value to the credibility and influence of public personas. Hence, it’s essential to measure active followers rather than just followers.

4. The significance of authenticating the engagement of followers:

With several social media platforms becoming crowded with fake followers and bots, there is a critical need for platforms to authenticate their audience’s engagement. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are working hard to eliminate bots and increasing accountability to ensure the authenticity of their user’s audience. However, this doesn’t eliminate the responsibility of influencers to work to develop quality content that attracts authentic followings.

Musk announces Twitter purge of inactive accounts

5. Conclusion:

In conclusion, counting inactive followers in measuring social media influence is pointless and misguided. Only active and real followers can genuinely influence or reflect the credibility of any media account or public personality. The prevalence of inactive followers in high-profile accounts like Elon Musk raises alarms about the accuracy of social media influence and its impact on X. As such, it is high time to focus on identifying authentic engagement, engaging with organic followings than amassing fake followers to boost any social media account’s influence.