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President Biden Highlights Economic Transformation at New Mexico Wind Tower Plant


On September 14, 2021, President Joe Biden visited a wind tower plant in Artesia, New Mexico, as a part of his push for the creation of more environmentally-friendly infrastructure and job creation. The highlight of the visit was his speech, where he talked about the need to accelerate the transition of America towards clean energy and creating a green economy for the nation. He presented his vision for a new era of American prosperity that expanded economic opportunities for all Americans, especially the communities that are often left behind.


The Importance of Clean Energy:

Biden stressed the importance of a shift towards cleaner energy sources and green infrastructure, stating that it was essential to promoting economic success and security. The reason being that the United States needs to take strong action against climate change to reduce the carbon footprint and make up for lost time. He argued that it is essential to creating jobs and spurring economic development – while simultaneously ensuring the health and safety of the American people.

Biden highlights economic transformation at New Mexico wind tower plant | Reuters

An Eye into the Future:

President Biden believes that the wind power industry offers a glimpse into the future of the American economy, arguing that the country must be driven by new and innovative technologies, like wind energy, to maintain economic competitiveness globally. He believes that these industries can create quality jobs with good wages, strong benefits, and free from environmental hazards. Therefore, placing an emphasis on clean energy and green infrastructure investments.

Creating Jobs and Investing in the Communities:

Biden highlighted the significance of investing in America’s workers and making the necessary investments in infrastructure and technology to create good paying jobs. He spoke about the role communities play in the path to success and that the investments should be made in the communities and neighborhoods which have been adversely affected by decades of environmental neglect. He feels strongly that the money must be spent wherever possible, making sure that the American public sees an improvement in their lives with increased employment and wage growth.


Biden aims for 100% clean energy in America by 2035

Preparing for the Future:

President Biden also highlighted the need to step up and invest in America’s future. He made his case for making sustainable infrastructure investments, hearkening back to the New Deal, one of the most significant federal investments in infrastructure in American history. He explained that this was not only necessary to address the immediate economic crisis caused by the pandemic but to also prepare the country for the future. According to Biden, the people of America’s youth will be handed the responsibility of caring for the nation and managing its economy, which makes it crucial to modernize the country’s infrastructure right now.

Encouraging Action:

President Biden’s speech was made to encourage action and providing support to the nation’s clean-energy movement. He emphasized that it was the country’s responsibility to lead the charge towards a cleaner, greener economy. His visit to the wind tower plant was not just to drum up support for his administration’s policies; it was a message to everyone – citizens, corporations, and leaders alike. That message was that the country must embrace change, take responsibility for the ecological footprint, and create a future where everyone can thrive.


President Biden’s visit to the wind tower plant in New Mexico emphasized the significance of green energy solutions for the country’s economic future. His speech showcased the need for sustainable infrastructure investments and clean energy sources, as well as the importance of community investment and job creation. As the world continues to shift towards a cleaner tomorrow, America must embrace change, take responsibility for its ecological footprint, and create a new era of prosperity for its people.