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McDonald’s CEO Must Face Ex-Security Executive’s Race Bias Claims


Being one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, McDonald’s is also facing issues in terms of racial discrimination against its employees. Recently, a former security executive of the company has filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s CEO, accusing him of racial bias. The lawsuit raises questions about diversity and inclusion in the company. With that in mind, this post aims to discuss the five points that the CEO must consider in addressing race bias claims.

McDonald's, CEO must face ex-security executive's race bias claims


1. Acknowledge the Issue:

Acknowledging the problem is the first step in finding a solution. The CEO must accept and acknowledge the race bias claims filed in the lawsuit. It would be a significant gesture to recognize and take responsibility for the wrongful treatment of the employees by the company.

2. Conduct an Investigation:

A robust and thorough investigation is necessary to identify the exact cause and scale of the problem. The company must appoint an unbiased third party to conduct the investigation to ensure transparency and authenticity. The investigation must focus on gathering evidence and proof to strengthen the allegations made by the former security executive.


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3. Revise the Company’s Policies:

Based on the results of the investigation, McDonald’s must revise its policies and procedures to address the issue of race bias. The company must create a culturally inclusive and diverse working environment for all employees. The revised policies must ensure equal opportunities, fair treatment, and diversity and inclusion in hiring, promotions, and other employee-related decisions.

4. Implement Diversity and Inclusion Training:

Diversity and inclusion training should be mandatory for all employees, including management and senior executives. The training program should aim to educate employees about cultural sensitivity, unconscious bias, and the importance of diversity and inclusion. It will help create a collaborative and inclusive workspace that values and respects diversity.

5. Monitor Progress:

Finally, the CEO must keep track of the progress made after implementing the new policies and training strategies. Regular monitoring and tracking of progress can ensure that the company is heading in the right direction, and the race bias issue is addressed. The company must be accountable for its actions, and the CEO should be committed to reviewing the company’s performance regularly.


McDonald’s is a global brand that must be a leader in creating a culture of diversity and inclusion. The company has a moral and legal obligation to address race bias claims seriously. By acknowledging the issue, conducting an investigation, revising the policies, implementing diversity and inclusion training, and monitoring progress, the company can set an example for others. Ultimately, the CEO has a vital role to play in creating a fair and just workplace for all employees. Let’s hope McDonald’s leadership takes this opportunity to make things right and prioritize diversity and inclusion.