Amazon’s New Step in Cashierless Checkout for Clothing


Amazon is a giant in the world of online shopping, constantly finding ways to innovate and streamline their processes. One of their most significant breakthroughs was the creation of their cashierless stores, where customers can simply walk in, pick up what they need, and leave without ever having to wait in line. And now, Amazon is taking another step in cashierless checkout by allowing customers to purchase clothing without ever encountering the traditional checkout process.

Amazon's new Just Walk Out cashierless checkout system uses RFID tags to  track apparel purchases | TechCrunch

1. How It Works –

This new process, called “Amazon Dash Cart”, involves integrating cameras, sensors, and scales into Amazon’s shopping carts. When shopping, customers will scan items with their smartphone and place them in the cart. The cart will then tally the purchases and send the total to the customer’s account when they are finished shopping. This technology has been used in Amazon’s grocery stores for some time now, with customers being delighted by the seamless experience.

2. Increased Efficiency –

One major benefit of this new technology is the increase in efficiency, as customers will no longer have to wait in line to check out. Additionally, the integration of cameras and sensors will ensure that the correct items are added to the cart, reducing the frustration of accidentally purchasing the wrong size or style.

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3. Potential Issues –

Of course, like any new technology, there may be potential issues that arise. One concern is the ability to prevent theft, as customers are not required to check out with a cashier. Amazon’s solution to this problem is to have cameras and sensors track the items in the cart, and if an item is removed from the cart, it will be automatically added back to the customer’s account.

4. Availability and Expansion –

Currently, this technology is only available at Amazon’s grocery store in California. However, the company has plans to expand to more locations in the future, as well as potentially offering this technology for use in other retail settings. This could have a significant impact on traditional retail stores, as they will have to consider adopting similar technologies to remain competitive.

Amazon Go: Buy groceries without cash! Jeff Bezos' Amazon opens new  cashier-less grocery shop | The Financial Express

5. Future Implications –

The advent of this technology also has potentially broader implications for the future of retail and employment. With fewer cashiers needed, there may be concerns about job displacement, but also the potential for increased efficiency and new job opportunities in technology roles. The convenience and efficiency of cashierless checkout could also lead to more widespread adoption, changing the way we interact with retail stores altogether.


Amazon is constantly finding new ways to innovate and streamline their shopping processes, and the integration of cashierless checkout for clothing represents a significant step forward. This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we shop, with increased efficiency and convenience for customers, while also potentially changing the employment landscape and the future of retail as a whole. As Amazon continues to expand and integrate this technology, we can expect to see new developments and opportunities arise that will benefit shoppers and retailers alike.